Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blank page on Internet Explorer 9

Blank screen on Internet Explorer 9
No display on IE9
Página en blanco en Internet Explorer 9
No aparece nada en 
Page blanche sur Internet Explorer 9
Pas d’affichage sur 

If other browsers are working, or if Internet Explorer 9 is working fine in Safe Mode with Networking, then it’s probably a problem with the GPU acceleration option.
Disable it to check if it’s indeed the problem:
1. Launch Internet Explorer 9, then click on the gear icon, then on Internet Options.
2. Click on the Advanced tab, check the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering box, and then click on OK.
3. Close completely Internet Explorer 9 (all tabs and windows), then restarts it. Voila!  

If the problem is now solved, then you probably have a problem with your video card drivers. Try updating them to the last version.  If you are running Windows 7 and haven’t found any drivers, you can try to install Windows Vista or Windows XP drivers. It will work most of the time, just make sure to use the appropriate compatibility mode. Creating a restore point before installing is also a good precaution. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Windows 7 freeze on install on P5V800-MX

Windows 7 freeze on install on P5V800-MX
No Keyboard or Mouse when installing Windows 7 on Asus P5V800-MX Motherboard
No teclado o mouse cuando instalo Windows 7 en la tarjeta madre Asus P5V800-MX
La instalación de Windows 7 se congela en P5V800-MX
L'installation de Windows 7 freeze avec une carte mère  P5V800-MX
Pas de clavier ou de souris quand j'installe Windows 7 sur

Basically, you just need to update your bios. The latest P5V800-MX BIOS 0901beta version works fine.

Quick fix? No so fast, you are in for some floppy disk fun.
Good luck to find a working floppy disk nowadays. The first two from a new old stock box of ten failed on me, the third worked fine. Check your floppy before using it. Fortunately, the Afudos BIOS update tool seems to do a checksum after reading the file from your floppy. 

After windows 7 was installed only the Video drivers were lacking, but the XP drivers are compatible. I also installed the Vista audio drivers without issue.

Unknown device ACPI\AWY0001 *AWY0001 / Dispositivo desconocido AWY0001 / Périphérique inconnu AWY0001

This unknown device is related to the AMD Away technology. This is basically a souped up sleep mode that is not needed in Windows 7, hence the absence of driver. Below you can download a null driver that will remove the unresolved hardware detection exclamation mark.  This driver should also works if you are using an Intel processor.

If the link is dead you can also copy the following text to a text document, save it as “AmdAway.inf”, and then follow the installation instructions below:

; AmdAway.inf
; Null INF for "AwayMode" ACPI device
; Version
; (C) Copyright 2006 AMD, Inc.
Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"
%*pnpffff.DeviceDesc% = NULL_DRIVER, *pnpffff
%*pnpffff.DeviceDesc% = NULL_DRIVER, ACPI\AWY0001
%*pnpffff.DeviceDesc% = NULL_DRIVER, *pnpffff
%*pnpffff.DeviceDesc% = NULL_DRIVER, ACPI\AWY0001
AddService = , %SPSVCINST_ASSOCSERVICE% ; null service install
*pnpffff.DeviceDesc = "AMD AwayMode"
;Handy macro substitutions (non-localizable)


To install the Null INF, copy the installation files to a temporary directory, then use the “Device Manager” to perform an "Update Driver" operation as follows. 

1) Right Click on "My Computer" and select "Properties".
2) Select the "Hardware Tab" and hit the "Device Manager" button.
Note: There should be a device section named "Other devices" (big yellow question mark) with a device named “Unknown device".

3) Right-click on "Unknown device" and select "Properties". Click on the “Details” tab
    to be sure the “Device Instance Id” starts with “ACPI\AWY0001”.
4) Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)".
5) Click "Next" to continue.
6) Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install."
7) Click "Next" to continue.
8) Click on "Have Disk".
9) Specify the temporary directory location of inf file (AmdAway.inf).
10) An entry "AMD AwayMode" should appear under the "Model" Section.
11) Select that entry and click "Next" to continue.
12) A box will appear "The wizard has finished installing the software for
      "AMD AwayMode" and click "Finish".